M&D Translations

Recent projects



IT – Software - Internet

*       230.000-word project (within a term of 30 days) consisting of the translation into Spanish of a number of instruction manuals of different software applications.

*       User manuals of a Pocket PC for a company leader in its field.

*       On-line survey on the use of search engines, instant messaging, e-mail, etc.


Electronics (User Manuals)

*       Instructions, labels and specifications of an Electronic Water Timer.

*       .pmd files (PageMaker) of instructions of a DVD remote control.

*       Manual in Corel Draw of operation instructions of a DVD Player.

*       Two large manuals into Spanish (for Mexico) of an electric dryer and a tumble action washer.

*       User manuals of a photo camera.


*       Fact Sheet providing advice to home owners on reseeding burned areas.

*       Technical publication on Nitrate Toxicity in Cattle.

*       Technical publication on Income Improvement with Cool-Season Forage Grasses.


*       Bid for Signaling Systems, Telecommunications, Telecommands and LAC.

*       Instruction booklet on the use of Relay Systems (TTY, VCO, STS, etc.)

Construction – Architecture

*       Installation instructions and commercial scripts for video advertisements of batt insulation.

*       Installation instructions for Prefinished Mouldings and molding ideas for den and office.

*       Technical sheets of several chemical products (fiber glass, batt, etc.)


*       Installation guide for solar photovoltaic modules.

*       Documents concerning environmental issues of power plants and water treatment plants.


*       Large manual into Spanish of an automobile using a large translation memory and a glossary and following very specific stylistic instructions from the client.


*       150-page brochure on career opportunities, career trends and jobs in demand in a State of the US.

*       Special Education Support Systems. Brochure for parents of children with disabilities explaining the processes, evaluations and services available for their children.

*        Activities guide on careers choices.

*       Translation into English of the presentation of a Diploma Degree on distance education and e-learning.


*       Medicine-related-website promoting a new treatment for kyphosis and osteoporosis.

*       Prospects and descriptions of medicines.

*       Documents related to a Scientific Protocol for High Risk Individuals aimed at raising the standards of preventive cardiology in Europe.

*       Automated glycohemoglobin analyzers (analizadores de glucohemoglobina).

*       Informed consent and patient information documents for the prevention of bone metastases in high risk prostate cancer patients.

Health Care

*       Brochure on nutrition and dietetics issued by a group of hospitals in the US.

*       Bulletins providing advice to patients on several issues: breast cancer, tobacco, alcohol awareness, blood pressure, colon cancer, hepatitis C, congestive heart failure, prostate cancer, flu and pneumonia, diabetes, depression, etc.

*       Brochure advising patients on a variety of options of Medicaid and Long-Term Care Services for Adults.

*       Privacy Practices Notice and In Patient Guide of a US hospital.

*       Storyboard – diabetes (key points, symptoms, classification, diagnostic criteria, risk factors, etc.)

*       Brochure advertising monitoring devices for hospitals.


*       Presentation and description of scoring tools for Multi-Factor Analysis (MFA).


*       Study on food manufacturing industry in the state of Oregon.

*       Employee Handbook providing information about the company’s policies, working conditions and benefits.

*       Labels and installation instructions of several components of play stations (in Quark X Press).




*       Certified translation into Spanish of several commercial papers such as remittance letters, invoices and drafts.

*       Translation of several Notices of Privacy Practices for different American hospitals.

*       Translation of certificates of insurance for voluntary dental plans.

*       Witness statements in a civil liability suit.

*       Prenuptial agreement.

*       Proposal for stock option holders.

*       General terms and conditions of use of several web sites.

*       Certified translation of several legal documents such as: certificates of studies, diplomas, birth and marriage certificates, contracts and agreements.




*       Literary translation of short stories and novels by a notorious writer.

*       Statements of candidates running for the governing board of several American counties.

*       Short descriptions and brochures of several tour guides promoting different places in Latin America and Spain.

*       Articles and interviews of a magazine including the following topics: traffic solutions, fiber optics, toll collection systems, water handling systems, butterfly valves, video detection systems, wastewater facilities, latex paints, improvements in control electronics, floor coverings and crane operations.

*       Large on-going project into Spanish of several documents, letters and instructions to be used during the elections in the US (2003-2004) such as:
Instructions to voters, candidate’s statements, applications, arguments for and against measures proposed, voting rights and obligations, requirements, oaths of absentee voters, speeches, messages to citizens, etc.

*       150-pages brochure on career opportunities, career trends and jobs in demand in a State of the US.

*       Publication of a review of occupational projections of Oregon’s Employment Department.

*       Newsletter celebrating the inauguration of a new neighborhood in a small town in the US.

*       Currently in charge of the translation into Spanish of an internal publication for LSG Sky Chefs (News) http://www.lsg-skychefs.com



NOTICE:  Details and contact information of the clients and companies in relation to these translation jobs are not stated due to confidentiality agreements signed by the translator. References will be provided upon request.